Tips for RV’ers

This section is for RV owners, to tell you about some of my experiences owning an RV for more than 20 years.  Our most recent acquisition was a 2012 Coachmen Sporstcoach Cross Country.  This is the second Cross Country we have owned, the first being a 2005.  The first one was a great coach so we were comfortable buying another.  The new coach has a lot of great features which unfortunately add complexity, and complexity means things break.  Being a very mechanically inclined person, I am up to each challenge but the repairs do get a little annoying.

I don’t believe the coach is poorly made, but the former owners apparently did zero maintenance, likely not knowing how to fix things or what to do.  this is also very likely the reason they sold the unit, since going to the repair shop for every loose bolt or leaking whatever would be troublesome and costly.

I think we are on the home stretch now, and hopefully will get over the repair curve soon.  I wanted to document some of the repairs I have done to aid other owners, but also to help me remember in case it happens again!