Stupid Dryer

Yes, our RV has a washer/dryer and the one we have is new, however, it is the same model we had in the past and in spite of their size they work surprisingly well!   This one has been an exception because although it washes fine, nothing dries.  I Googled, YouTubed and called the manufacturer and kept coming back to the same place, a blocked vent duct.  I knew however this was impossible because I installed it and it wasn’t kinked so how could it be blocked?  After dismantling the rear cabinet and sliding the washer out, I traced the duct and it was perfect all the way to the outside.  I grabbed my flashlight and looked inside, nothing.  That’s when I dropped my flashlight down the vent pipe.  Not to worry, the vent goes straight down so my flashlight should be on the ground underneath.  Not.  Suddenly, things made sense.  I grabbed my leaf blower (yes I carry one in the RV) and inflated the hose and then it produced a nice poof sound, like an “I was constipated and now I am not” kind of noise. I rushed outside to find my flashlight and this.  Problem solved.


Dear dryer vent hose maker,

Do you really need to put the instructions inside the hose?  Do we really need instructions for hoses?

Thank you.

Steve Discher