Thank You to Telrad’s Nick Dewar

Last week my Visa card was compromised and I found out because it was being used in Houston, Texas while I was in Niagra Falls, Ontario.  Hate that.  I called the bank and arranged for a new one but with me traveling on the Wireless Roadshow, getting a package sent to wherever I was going to spend the night can be problematic at best.

You see, we are staying the night wherever we see an opportunity to promote the products we believe in while seeing some of the most beautiful country in the world, currently Eastern Canada.

Back to my story.  I had an appointment with an RV Park near Alma, New Brunswick around June 9th so looking at the map, I saw Fredricton, New Brunswick and remembered that Nick Dewar, lead engineer for Telrad North America lives in Fredricton.  Bullseye!  I called my office, had them ship the card to Nick, stayed an extra night in Quebec City (which was fine because I was waiting for parts to finish a WiFi install there) and then Wednesday morning we left for Fredricton.  I went by Nick’s house at about 4:30 pm and had a few minutes to catch up with him before grabbing my card and heading south toward Alma, NB.  Thanks again Nick.

Are you familiar with Telrad LTE?  Their advanced “Wispatized “LTE platform has revolutionized the way WISPs deliver internet access to consumers.  For more information about Telrad, contact us at ISP Supplies at 855-WISP-PRO today.

PS: Here’s one of the WiFi installs, 120 degree sector for distribution and some NanoBeams for backhaul to other AP’s: