Steps Making Clunk Going in and Out, Then Stopped Working

The electric steps were making a hesitation and clunking sound going in and out, then finally in Benton, Arkansas stopped working altogether.  The replacement motor was expensive and hard to find, special order, so after some Googling I found out it is simply a window motor from several Ford vehicles.  The one that works best is this one from O-Reillys.  The only thing I had to do was drill out the mounting holes to fit my bolts, 5/16″ if I remember correctly.  The cost was $49 and available anywhere in the US, compared to the original which is $200 and special order.

The number on the OEM motor was 300-1406 and Googling generally takes you to a post similar to this one.

The O’Reilly;s part number is 42-339.  This one works!

IMG_4891 (1)