Water Sloshing Out of Holding Tank Compartment

This one was a bit more concerning.  I saw water leaking out of the right side of the coach after we would leave a camp site.  A lot.  I found two screws to open the right side compartment where the tanks are located and saw water in the compartment and on top of the fresh water tank.  On further inspection found the 1 1/2″ drain from the kitchen sink broken.  This is a bad design because it does not allow the pipes to move in relation to the holding tanks which are quite flexible and therefore causes the pipes to break.

I also found the pipe on the other end of the tank from the washer to also be broken.  I found that one by sticking my iPhone up into the compartment where my head did not fit and snapping some photos.

I temporarily fixed the one on the near side with silicone and Duct tape but will do a permanent repair when I have more time. I needed a 1 1/5″ ABS 45 degree street el, a 1 1/2″ male pipe adapter, coupling, a short piece of pipe and some ABS glue.  The red arrow is where the MPA is cracked and separated. You can also see standing water.